Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Helliger Artbook's Artwork

These are the artworks that i've been doing for a year. So hopefully the comic book is coming in 2011. What do you thin, guys??

8 komentar:

  1. They're all awesome!
    Great work there!

  2. Looks incredible! Can't wait for the comic! xD

  3. Thank you fro all,my friend...i will make allot more good stuff ..to come

  4. woooow wondering how you do that.. care to give us some tips and tutorial?
    especially in making buildings and a hangar.
    are you using somekind of brush or draw that piece by piece?
    its look so damn complex.. *jawdrop*

  5. These are all pretty awesome! Great mix of action scenes, scenery and character pieces :)

  6. Sangar tenan komike e mas....MAKNYOOOSSSSS!!!!
    tinggal tunggu dibuatin filmnya sama orang2 hollywood aja nih..
    Sukses selalu mas!!

  7. nice work om..
    this is going to be epic. somehow it remind me of that comic 'storm' by don lawrence.
    love the concept.

  8. Man you should make a book with all your art in it. ild love to buy one